DPO Message

It is well acknowledged fact that no society can achieve the goal of sustainable development without ensuring rule of law. Quality of Policing, therefore, plays a pivotal role in socio-economic development of nations, in modern world. An efficient, independent & professional policing system not only facilitates efficient working of criminal justice system but also provides macro-environment in which other social, political and economic activities flourish – without friction within the limits stipulated by law. At present lot of efforts are being made to transform Police into a service oriented organization, capable of achieving its prime objective - Rule of law – with the cooperation of public at large. This is not possible without restoring confidence of people in police, ensuring merit at all levels and maintaining highest standards of transparency.
At Pakpattan Police, we believe in maintaining highest standards of professionalism at all levels, accessibility to people and merit as means of not only ensuring justice but also winning the confidence of people. We also believe that there is always a better way of doing things and we are determined to find it.

Sahabzada Bilal Omer (PSP)
District Police Officer, Pakpattan